Can you do cardio with clenbuterol?

I’ll admit it: I hate traditional “cardio.”

Treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bikes…. YAWN.

Not only is it boring, but it can actually strip off your hard-earned muscle. But there are certain “old school” cardio methods that will not only help you shed the fat, but they’ll also help you pack on muscle SIZE!

But unfortunately, most of the effective cardio plans I like to use are “out of season” at the moment.

For example, hill sprints are cool.

Pushing a car is great. And farmer’s walks are good too. But it’s freaking COLD here in Colorado (-3 last night) so those options are off the table.

So here are my fallback cardio options when you’re stuck inside:

Here is the performance boost I get with Clenbuterol

#1) High Rep KettleBell Swings.

I did these years ago but forgot all about them until I was reading the praises of this exercise in The 4 Hour Body. So I dusted off the old kettlebell and got busy.

Start easy — shoot for 100 reps in as many sets as it takes. Then start going for max reps in 10 minutes. Warning: Your traps will be fried the next day.

#2) High Rep Push-Ups

Push-ups always get brushed aside because they seem too basic. But a good high rep push-up workout will get your heart rate racing and give your arms, chest and shoulders a good burn.

Again, I’ve found the magic number here is about 100 in 10 minutes. When you can do that with ease, start doing push-ups with your feet raised up to make the movement more difficult.

#3) “The Suck”

I don’t even know what to call this other than “The Suck.”

As many reps of Front Squats as you can in 20 minutes. Pick a weight that’s about 50-60% of your 1 rep max and get busy. You can do sets of 10, sets of 5, or just keep knocking them out any which way you like.

Anyone who thinks you can’t get ripped in 20 minutes a day hasn’t tried “The Suck.” You WILL drop a ton of fat, you WILL scorch your abs and you WILL experience crippling soreness for about 4 days.

Warning: Cle can cause lots of side effects. See this

How to make nerdy weight gain shake with Clen?

Have fun with that.

There you have it: Cardio training with Clenbutrol that can actually make you bigger in the legs, bigger in the chest, bigger in the shoulders, bigger in the arms… and smaller in the waist.